Couples have opened up about their intimate preferences in a brand new survey.

Superdrug asked 994 to name the sex position that makes them feel the most in love with their partners.

While some confessed that missionary did the trick for them, others said that they preferred moves that were more geared towards oral.

So do you agree with the findings?


Around 60% of women said that missionary helped them to feel the most connected with their partners.

This position involves lying face to face, with the woman beneath the man.

It provides plenty of opportunity for eye contact and touching, which is probably why so many enjoy it.

Cowgirl was the second most popular, with 28% of women saying it gives them the best orgasms.

This is likely to be because “girl on top” allows ladies to set the pace and angles however they like.


Spooning was named as the third most romantic move.

Approximately 15% of participants chose the kinky cuddle as their favourite.

The common position involves nestling your bodies together like the kitchen utensil.

As the woman lifts her legs slightly, there is room for penetration from behind.

There is only limited scope for movement, meaning it allows for slow and sensual sex.


Oral sex positions weren’t that popular among those surveyed.

Despite this, 5% of women said that they found 69 the most intimate move.

If you are into this move, you may also want to check out the 68.


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