Embracing your sexual fantasies is a way to feel more fulfilled in your romantic relationships.

Those who daydream about getting jiggy with their partners are more likely to feel satisfied in the bedroom.

So why should you celebrate your naughty thoughts?


Scientists at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, in Israel, looked into the link between fantasies and romantic satisfaction.

They carried out four tests on volunteers, including those in relationships.

Participants were asked to daydream about their partners or someone else, before opening up about how these thoughts made them feel.

Those who discussed their private contemplations revealed that they had a greater desire to have sex with their partners.


Experts concluded that fantasising helps to quash negative thoughts and can may you feel more connected to your partner.

This theory is backed up by a 2017 study, which showed that people are more content after opening up about their desires.

So in short, the more you daydream about your partner, the better you’ll feel.

This isn’t the only sign that your sex life is healthy. Last week, we revealed how often you should romp.


While regular trysts are recommended, many couples are falling short.

Data showed that under 30s bonked 112 times a year – equivalent to two times every week.

This figure begins to drop off as you age, as 30 to 39-year-olds saw sparks fly in the bedroom 86 times a year.

The most significant dip in couples’ sex lives appears to occur when they hit 40.

Research revealed that 40 to 49-year-olds romp 69 times a year.

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